Who We Are?

The smiles of travel through Inclusive Globe

Inclusive globe is the innovation of 2 great visually impaired basically founded in the year 2019 by great thoughts of Hemavathi V. and Syed Mansoor Shahab sir by purpose of providing accessible tours to disabled people.

Hemavathi V. has done masters in Economics and she has brought the core idea of our platform and by help of Syed sir for tours and arrangements this dream came to reality in form of our platform in 2019 it.

Our key goal is to make sure that travelling round India and globe become accessible for our entire community.

The people who come to us for travel packages don’t have too face barriers, discrepancies, and a proper set of arrangement by expert team should be accomplished to make it a unique experience.

We believe in equal opportunities, combine effort, and at our platform in Inclusive globe we should be able to arrange an assured way by which travel for disabled people become a blissful journey and they don’t have to face many problems or barriers.

What we promise

What we promise is a healthy tour package, an impressive destination to choose from and hence we organise it in a proper manner that will give you great experience as touring personal.

Travel in inclusive way: How

    Let us bring to you the key factors to help you more understand our management to make it a most effective and inclusive way-
  • Arrangement according to needs and assurance of no social challenges.
  • An entire settlement of the tour guide, booking facilities and great services based on the assistance in the right way possible.
  • To make sure that equal participation of group, an equal planning of fun moments during the trip.
  • Involvement of people from non-disabled community in helping equally and understanding to make it a better experience.
  • Experiences of those who have enjoyed our tours would also be helpful in briefing and should give more confidence to other disabled groups.

Thus these are the things you can get while being part of Inclusive Globe for the travel tours around and we will hearten your experience.

An inclusive way to travel

    You must feel that a promise has been made, but in what way it’s an inclusive way, thus we illuminate in front of you it more-
  • We have made sure that all comforts be settled based on early requirements and at the post juncture of our tours.
  • Arrangements to pick you up provide equal essential items, and proper lodging is available to make it a great venture.
  • It would also be assured that how to tackle various obstacles once tour begin by help of our equipment team to make it a proper settlement.
  • While travelling, descriptions by non-disabled people helping can become a great way to enhance and update regarding the places and also become part of it.
  • Largely, thanks to our management team, we make sure that no hurdle come while you are in between the tour and settle your needs accordingly.

Thus these are the services you get after booking for the travel package with certain charge for the days decided and if you are interested it can be a great journey altogether.

Thence to make our globe more inclusive today, Guys join us, be the part of it and make yourself luxurious with such great tours.

Do you still have doubts? Want to know more? Contact us on below given details or feel free to drop us an email.

  • Mansoor: +91 9844235326
  • Mumbai: +91 9029694134
  • Praful: +91 9164847326
  • info@inclusiveglobe.com

What you need to do?

What you need to do is that find Inclusive globe on the web or contact our officials and they will consider you for a certain travel after your information added, and it’s all safe so have fun, enjoy the happy memories and get a turing destination to tour as a inclusive person today…


Inclusive Globe is a tours and travel initiative which is founded in 2019 by 2 Visually Challenge Friends Hemavathi V and Syed Mansoor Shahab to make the Inclusive and Accessible Tours for the people with Disability and non Disable people. Inclusive Globe is an inclusive platform where persons with and without disability, couples, friends, family, bachelors and anyone who wants to rejuvenate themselves are welcome.

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