Inclusive Globe

Cancellation Policy

Our policy includes all the tours arrange by us and it applies to all events and booking services we provide as a tour managing platform.
However, in condition of being failed to pay entire price prior to 15 days of booking, Inclusive globe preserves the right to cancel your booking.

In any tough situation or critical circumstance, you wish to cancel the tour, it is essential that such update must be intimated to our platform in written form either by letter or in best way by dropping an email to us.
Though, in conditions of the booking services, there are certain methods that have to be prescribed, thus we levy certain charges and such certain schemes do apply regarding them.

Key consent of terms

Let’s give you a basic idea in context of cancelling that what do we meant by our refundable policy

  • If you cancel your trip 30 days prior to its beginning, 50% of your charge shall be returned back to you.
  • If you cancel your trip 15 days prior to its beginning, 25% of your charge shall be returned back to you.
  • However if you cancel your trip 1 week prior to its beginning, the entire sum paid should not be provided back.
  • There’s no refund policy for such trip members who have to skip the tour in midst due to sickness, health issues or by any other personal cause.
  • If you don’t use any service included while in midst of tour, it’s not possible to refund for that.
  • Leaving the main group while in midst the tour should be critical as from that onwards you have to apply your meals and stay on your own.
  • Also there’s no refund on cancilling of a tour, due to cohersive weather, public strikes, Barat band, or a tour being dismissed due to any such certain condition arising due to any challenge foreseen.
  • For any query, reach us out at +91-9916293483 or 9844235326.
  • Lastly refund policies has to be considered around 15 days so after that period it would be returned.

We have already mentioned contact details if you have any doubts.
Kindly go through our terms and conditions before booking any tour so your hopes and aspirations are both clear and we could manage them well.