Inclusive Globe

Frequently Asked Questions

Still not sure how to approach our platform? Want to know things in a much better way? Then we bring to you this FAQ to help you out entirely.
If this entire set of details is still not helpful, don’t worry we are always there to help you, contact us for Inclusive Globe’s services and we are ready to help you in one go.

Our packages

Let’s begin the questions with packages to bring you in limelight of our services first-

Our platform is well known to provide accessible tours individually or in group to make a great experience.
We also maintain a great process of arranging tours according to need, schedule, likely destination referred and accessibility around the whole year.
More than anything, we are experts to arrange tours for persons with disability, Hence if you are a disabled person, family, group or an entire team, our tours like solo, family, group and others are best choice to have and make your moment great.

Mostly, barring the group tours, they are flexible to make change according to acquire needs and can be customised around.

Our priority is to arrange great customised tour, no matter what be your condition may, just let us know you require a package and we assure you to make it a best time possible.

Not an issue. As long as you wish to have a package of togetherness we can arrange it without any judgement, and let us know to make your time a great one for sure.

In three possible ways, either you fill a contact form.
Or you can drop an email on
Or you can manage a call directly at 9844235326 or 9916293483.

We make sure before hand to be in touch and enquire about your disability condition, arrange the necessary elements accordingly prior to the tour begin and we assure it will become an absolute wonderful experience by making everything accessible for you by taking tour packages from our platform.

Just let us know before the tour starts regarding your staff for your comfort, and we should be able to update you according to the tour’s customisation.

We should certainly make sure to help you with that and shall be more than happy to arrange female partner to accompany you during the tour around.

Our trips

Still not cleared on trips? Lets' move on to them and give you a brief insight-

For sure, most of day has to be spent, though the next day pairing would change accordingly.
Still, you have to be part of entire group as you set along for excursions, evening meals and other group activities.
Also, after such tasks, either you can go for drinks together, or as you wish, its settles down to chill and spend time according to your possible way.

As it is considered prudent, pairing changes daily and it helps in coming in touch with more people, get to know more and make your tour a joyous one.

For sure, it is allowed to bring friends, family or any other partner to help your tour become more comfortable for you.

Before we head into such activities, it is made sure by our team to check the type, level and accessibility regarding such activities, thus for sure they should be assured to be in such function being disabled friendly.

We do arrange optional excursions during such trip that has to be made available by booking them either online or through a phone call before hand.
However, we do provide such service in post booking conditions and by calling us, it can be added to your tour.


Let's move on to Booking and clear your doubts-

We request you first to share the payment confirmation number.
Once that has been made available, an invoice is shared with you on the web through our message or email service that settles the payment for bookings.

Any identity proof that comes under government rule including Adhar card, Voter Id, Passport or any other is permissible for the tour around.


Let us now brief you on doubts regarding cancellation-

It should be your duty to inform us before hand that due to such certain circumstances, your tour requires cancelling.
However we do charge cancellation fees according to our rules and you must consider levying it too.

On the basis of the policy of our platform, the suited amount should be sent to your bank account after levying the cancellation charges appropriate.

You better go through our cancellation policy on our page and you would get to know all you need as general information.

It takes some time to precede process and make sure that credibility has been maintained.
Thus in gap of around 15 days, we assure you to have your money transferred on your bank account.

We hope that these FAQ are rich in details and should help you know all you want regarding our platform known as Inclusive globe.
Still if you have your doubts, you can refer to the contact details mentioned above.
So, what you are waiting for? Book your tours on Inclusive globe today.