Inclusive Globe

Terms & Conditions

It is crucial to have certain terms and conditions applied for any platform and it is same for us at Inclusive globe as we manage entire tours thus we also follow a basic plan of consent.

To give you better highlight what we do, how we manage and what you need to follow while booking a tour, we bring to you our policy of terms and conditions to help you more get familiar with us around.



Key terms

    1. Below are some basic terms of consent to give you briefing about our tour guide-
  1. A disabled person can disclose his or her disability as right or in case of any essential needs on basis of such certain needs required.
  2. We would like you to have doctor’s prescription recommended on basis of letter mentioned allowing you as person to be part of our tour if medically ill or recovered.
  3. If seems fit or essential, our platform Inclusive globe preserves the right to make changes in the plan for the tour.
  4. In certain critical conditions like consulted weather or lesser number of personnel prefers such certain trip, Inclusive globe preserves the right to cancel such tour.
  5. If condition arise due to things like itiniries or fuel price increase, our platform does possess the right to enhance or increase cost price of the tour.
  6. If you require special arrangements for things like accommodation, detour or extra diet, kindly mention it before the tour start so we can make it available prior to the beginning of the trip.
  7. Our platform Inclusive globe preserves the right to change its terms and conditions as it seems fit to us without any prior notice.
  8. While we are outdoors in trips, we should decide fix meals and choice of menu is strictly not allowed.
  9. Any tour that has to be scheduled or rescheduled must depend on the consent of group members with advice of our platform experts and it should be only done on the best interests of the majority of the group around.

We have already mentioned contact details if you have any doubts.
Kindly go through our terms and conditions before booking any tour so your hopes and aspirations are both clear and we could manage them well.